MOLDED Speedometer dials decoration is a very specialized job. This is a new concept and only used in premium cars.
Transparent Polycarbonate molding is done. The part is having a complex contour and needs the following sequence generally:
Molding -> White Coating -> Orange/ Red / Green Coating at some areas -> Black Laser able Coating -> Laser Removal.
Speedometers are most crucial part of backlit industry as illumination defects or variations are not accepted at all as this part is visible to driver all the time.
Each step is critical, Spinks Softech has special German know how for this business.
We invite international companies to give us an opportunity to serve them.

Optical Parts 

Light Conductor PC/PMMA Optical light guides are made of special plastics on special machines to compete with optical qualities of glass having one source to multiple points of display. We specialize in mold and molding of these special parts on special machines.