Engine covers are generally made of special polypropylene or nylon.
They are subjected to most difficult conditions:

  • 1. Greater than 100°C steam
  • 2. Oil resistance
  • 3. Petrol / Diesel resistance
  • 4. Scratch resistance
  • 5. Acid resistance of batteries

Mostly printing is done in white, sliver, opaque yellow colour. Printing of logos is done on raised substrates.
All these and more can be achieved by TSQ TAMPOPRINT Machine with special RUCO Inks and special Pre and Post treatments. Post treatment involves a very sophisticated infrared curing machine.
Spinks Softech can undertake such superb jobs and can also supply the complete equipment and know how of this technology.
Most of the world renowned brands are customers of TAMPOPRINT AG.

Engine Cover Printing 
TAMPOPRINT AG is super specialists for engine cover application. We are partners of this company in India. We offer machines or job work for such projects. High temperature resistance with tough adhesion property requirements make these jobs really special.